Great Sets of Chef Knives


If you need good chef knives then it is wise to buy them in a set. This way you will get the suitable knife for all your functions. Most knives are made the best way to help them to multipurpose but its good to have specific blades that help you to make work easier. There are several brands of knives that make the best sets and these will make your work in the kitchen so much easier. Here are the best rated chef knives.

The Victorinox Chef’s knives

These knives are the most sought after because of their many functions in the kitchen. You can easily use them to cut, dice and slice through food in the kitchen. They are also easily sharpened and they have a firm handle that does not come off easily. The handle is made if ergonomic fibrox and it is slip resistant. The knives are made of stainless steel and they are dishwasher safe.

Wusthof chef’s knives

Their unique handle design only adds to their efficiency. They are designed to have a partial bolster that ensures that the entire blade is sharpened without one causing harm to themselves. The contoured handles help one to have a firm grip of the knife and so they can be used for any function in the kitchen. These knives made by World Solingen Company in Germany are the best as their blades are laser tested for right angle and sharpness.

Non-stick Sushi chef’s knives

This is one of the most wished after set of cutlery in a chef’s world. The blade has non-stick coating and integrated holes on the blade to make it function better. It has a plastic handle that is quite durable and a rocker blade which is very effective for its function. This knife is best for cutting raw fish, meats, vegetables and cheeses without the food sticking on it. Japanese chef knives like this are also great knives to consider.


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